Clean and simple – those are the words to live by when it comes to Brit's ceramic adventures. She was first introduced to the art during her undergraduate program, but it didn't take long before she switched her major to ceramics, and she's been loving it wholeheartedly ever since. This devotion is evident in every part of her handmade process: throwing, trimming, carving and glazing. Heck, she even makes her own glazes. It's this dedication to each and every step along the way that results in her simple, sophisticated pottery. (It's also the reason why she needs a lot of yoga at the end o' the day…sitting at a wheel ain't easy, folks.) Ironically enough, her favorite pieces are also the most complex of her repertoire – the teapots. They take a significant amount of time to get juuust right, and Brit? Well, she's just amazed that she made the whole thing out of mud.