If it can be smoked, cured, stuffed, brined, or confited, chances are good that Russ and Todd are all about it. They shared an intense passion for the art of charcuterie--preparing meats (especially sausage and bacon, of course) for friends who would use their prized pork masterpieces on BLTs, in soupes, with braises, etc. The feedback was incredible, so they decided to shoot for a big picture dream: proving to the world beyond their circle of friends that when you pay attention to where your meat products come from, when you get to know your local butcher and know about how the animals were treated and fed, you can taste the difference… and feel good about knowing the quality of the product. High quality pork + high quality ingredients included in this kit = A Bacon Lover’s Dream come true. Trust us when we say that once you make your bacon with this kind of kit, your taste buds will never look at that supermarket slab of meat the same again.