Frankly, we were just impressed by the look of Davey’s handmade, modern-yet-rustic floor lamps. But once we heard the back story: well, consider us completely obsessed. See, while Davey and his wife were living in Cambodia, they met an orphan named Srey Ya. They were so charmed by this girl who now lived with her grandmother who was gone most of the time while she found wood near their home to make and sell brooms, they decided they would support these beautiful women. Through the proceeds of A Walk Through The Wood’s handmade creations, Srey Ya and her grandmother have food on the table, a new roof over their head, and--best of all--Srey Ya is now able to afford school. Since the idea for this lamp came to Davey while he was walking through the woods, pulling from nature much like Srey Ya’s grandmother, the full circle story of these lamps is just as beautiful the final product.