No question the world of #DIY and crafting has gained some momentum in recent years, but it’s a whole new level of DIYing when you are out to DIY a business that can help others DIY for themselves. Elissa and Bex were (obviously) obsessed with accumulating skills for themselves and discovering new ways to create unique things, but it was their shared love of talking about their DIY obsessions and teaching others that led Elissa to the idea of, one day, opening a shop where you could find all the odd supplies you would need in one place. To that Bex said, “Oh hell yeah! Why don’t we start with kits?” And so here we have kits. Each one made with the ladies’ own learning experiences in mind. They distill all of their own mistakes and success into one bite-sized project, creating their own original recipes and getting feedback from their “kit testers” to ensure the process is clear and the end product is, well, amazing. And just how do they come upon their next idea for a DIY kit? The girls laugh at the thought; “we aren’t always sure how we get started with our latest DIY obsession, but our boyfriends would love to know how to get us to stop!”