Cambria spent her summers on the family ranch, so she became attached to the freedom of the open pasture as well as the leather saddlebags that would keep her company on her day-to-night rides. She can still close her eyes and smell, feel and hear the creaking leather of the durable, functional bags as she rides across the red canyons of New Mexico like a wild banshee. After spending years travelling as a freelance music photographer, she found herself wanting that perfect leather bag that could stand the test of time and travel—so she made it. An old-school purist, she doesn’t use any machines: She hand-cuts, hand-hammers and hand-sews every single piece, often using unique and hard-to-come-by leathers like deerskin and bison. (Cambria describes deerskin as “yummy and supple,” for the record.) And, yes, each of her creations are wild banshee approved.