It was just whilst wandering around a giant art festival in Ann Arbor about five years ago that Carol saw a hand-tooled leather barrette. She can’t put a finger on exactly what it was about the barrette that drew her in. But she just felt captivated by the craft. Just like that, she knew, “Hey, I could do that!” And that she did. On her way home, she stopped by a local leather distributor and had them show her a quick mini tutorial on just how to work with leather. That led to the next five years of trial and error, experimentation and actually, you know, “making legitimate fine-leather goods.” And in a world where it seems so much is considered “handcrafted,” Carol is proud to say she puts intricate care into every leather tooling step, hand-painting her products to set them apart. The result? A classy throwback watch that stands out from the crowd.