A *macaroon canbe a thing of beauty: rich, moist and decadently coconut-y. Unfortunately, the vast majority are awful cookies found in forgotten corners of the grocery store. Enter Dan and his accidental empire. Having whipped up macaroons for over 10 years, he was sitting in a Manhattan coffee shop that didn’t offer any nosh and decided to put a batch up for sale on a whim —the rest is sweet, coconut-y history. See, Dan’s ’roons are different; they’re about the size of a toddler’s fist (but much tastier, he notes) and come in 45+ flavors. Now claiming—in jest—to be the premier coconut macaroon producer in the known universe, they’ve been fawned over by Food & Wine magazine, The Village Voice, Serious Eats and many other fine palettes.

*Not to be confused with the French macaron, those colorful, meringue-based cookie sandwiches that are as light as air and delectably crunchy-chewy.