We’d venture to guess that your addiction to coffee has as much to do with your need for caffeine as it is about the ritual of coffee-making. Dave founded his Coffee Company in Rhode Island based around his passion for that ritual. One day, on the way to work as a mechanical engineer, he saw a “For Sale” sign on a historic 1740s farmhouse and thought, hey!, what a great place for a coffee bar! With that gleam in his eye, he quit his job and dove head first into the coffee biz. Everything--from bean to cup--is done by hand at Dave’s, and their newest creation -- the coffee syrups -- pays tribute to a Rhode Island tradition dating back to the ‘30s of a sweet, dense syrup made from specialty roasted Brazilian cold-brewed coffee and pure cane syrup. Turns out, these two all-natural ingredients can do a whole lot (try it as a marinade!) but the traditional R.I. way is mixed with a simple glass of ice cold milk.