Ever read the ingredients on your (man) beauty products? Turns out, being a stylish man comes with many chemicals. And after reading the contents of her husband’s most prized pomades, Courtney decided she could most definitely do better. To cater to the most fanatical pomade snobs out there, she spent many-a-sleepless night and mad scientist experiments in the kitchen trying to create the perfect blend of natural, normal ingredients that would still hold true to her husband’s hair test. Eventually, Pure Pomade was created. And now, a whole slew of natural men’s grooming products populate the Doc Elliott line--Beard Balms and Moustache Sculpts that come with an ability to create top-o-the-line shine without all the icky ingredients that clog pores and cause prolonged damage, After Shave and Hair Care that also carry the promise of pure and natural goodness that still holds strong. It’s old vs. new, vintage vs. modern, metrosexual vs. super-duper macho man. So basically, Courtney has created the perfect man’s beauty balance.