It was by pure serendipity that Chris found herself in love with a couple of vintage presses—that were housed just a few minutes from her house. Having been schooled in both painting and graphic design, she was flipping through a trade magazine and a letterpress invitation caught her eye—Initially, she wasn’t struck by the design, but the address: a street in the small town she went to college in, just north of Boston. Intrigued, she did a quick search for letterpress and found the Genesee Center for Arts & Education, just 10 minutes from her house. A typesetting class was starting there in just a week—so she signed up. Letterpress ended up being her perfect art form: a combination of design and fine arts that still let her get her hands dirty. There are so many steps to this printing technique, that you better really REALLY love the whole process, she says—but that makes it that much more exciting when you pull the first print from the press.