Evan’s experience with travel gave him a pretty powerful life motto: “When it comes to innovation, seeing the world will give you all the inspiration you need. You never know what can happen if you are open to new experiences.” Say when traipsing through Peru, backpack strapped to your back, meeting the local artisans. “I met this one shoemaker there who just gave me this perspective on things. I was amazed by the craftsmanship of their work, the quality of the leathers and the textiles used to make the shoes. I wanted to bring this home with me.” Once his entrepreneurial wheels were turning, Evan decided to partner with this shoemaker and create a business. “I’m pretty proud of it,” he says, “A lot of people told me this was a silly idea and that I should just get a normal job. But I had faith in the idea. I wanted to see it through.” We’re oh-so glad he did.