Moving from a place you love can be hard. Especially when you’re moving from the zen deserts of the Grand Canyon state to the bright lights and flash of Las Vegas. To help make the transition a little easier for Kasey, David decided to create a Christmas gift for his wife that would be a sweet reminder of her home state. And that’s where the idea of the state silhouette was born. Of course, being that most people have a fondness for their home states across, you know, sea to shining sea, David got to creating a silhouette (each placed in a unique, hand-crafted frame) for each state using a scroll saw. And by scroll saw we mean David had to take precise attention to every detail and the quality -- there are no erasers or shortcuts with this kind of cutting. It’s a lot of love that goes into each individual state. Which is fitting, because if you’re going to display your state on your wall, there most definitely needs to be a lot of love there.