When you walk through the door of Greenpoint Trading Co.’s nondescript warehouse on an all-but anonymous street in Brooklyn, the first thing that hits you is the smell. It’s pungent and rich, mouth-wateringly meaty, a mixture of paprika and coriander and garlic and more. In the most innocent and awesome way, it kinda transports you from the Breaking Bad-esque setting (you know, with commercial mixers, industrial metal tubs, even a three-wheeled forklift) to a festive BBQ on a lovely summer day. Founders Kimmee Arndt and Evan Hoffman began blending last year, creating herbal offerings for a relatively staid spice market. “We love coming up with new blends – taking typical seasonings and changing them up to make them our own,” explains Arndt. Flavors are intentionally reminiscent of the couple’s experiences; the all-purpose BBQ rub Black Bear, for example, was named after a campsite in New York’s Catskill Mountains and designed to complement a full range of fire-friendly meals. Sounds a lot more like picturesque grilling out with the family rather than fictional ex-professors making, well, you probably know that plot line by now.