The most creatively brilliant ideas usually come about when life makes things difficult. And according to Deana and Shawn of Groovy Green Glass, it was truly a perfect storm that set them out on a path of making glassware. Their mother was going through chemo and was informed that she shouldn’t use plastic cups because of the chemicals. The glassware they were forced to use kept getting broken when Deana’s husband and son would leave them in the sink, thus she became pretty frustrated at just how “inferior” store-bought glassware could be. Meanwhile, she’d noticed just how many empty bottles nearby restaurants and bars would go through--depositing them in landfills, never to be seen again. And then, the age-old question: “What if?” Since that “A-HA” moment, Deana has been inspired by every piece of glass that comes her way. “It’s the bottles themselves that decide what their next form will be. Some are built for glassware. Some for wind chimes. We kind of just look to see what the bottles have to say with their size, shape and thickness. You might even call us ‘Bottle Whisperers’” And that, we will.