Up until college, Courtney had just assumed an education in art meant mastering the finer points of still life paintings with fruit baskets. (Hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But as a self-proclaimed tinkerer, she was looking for something with a little more room to play. And when learning ceramics, she found herself fascinated, inspired, heartbroken and impassioned… all in just one firing of the kiln. These days, Courtney works almost exclusively with porcelain… which also meant even more unpredictable yet gorgeous results with each firing. Slipcasting is her current ceramic process of choice, which is a little lesser known, but also allows for more interesting shapes and intricate details in her finished creations. (See: life-like porcelain antlers!) One item we guess won’t be making her slipcasting cut: a still life-inspired porcelain fruit basket.