Imported from New York (because, who really wants to walk to do their laundry?), James settled comfortably into Atlanta life, bringing his love-affair for handmade, silkscreen-printed goods with him. He was first introduced to the art during a brief fashion-school stint, and there was no turning back. Starting out small, he put a few pieces of clothing, printed with amazing antiquated images, on the (then) little Etsy – and the rest? Like his designs, it's history. Graphics for James Anthony Apparel aren't selected for their cool factor (though they've certainly got it). Rather, James and his partner (both avid history buffs) search for images that are impactful, and tell a story. And every piece certainly does – they're all made by hand, no fancy-pants printing carousels here. And at the end of a busy day, James confesses: "my hands are so sore I consider taping a fork to my wrist at dinnertime". Now that's love.