Gillian, chief jammer over at Jamnation, is a little nutty. And a little zesty. But, more than anything else, she’s fruity. Drawing flavor inspiration from her extensive travels (31 countries and counting), Gillian creates small batch, handcrafted jams with artfully selected hints of herbs, spices and florals meant to highlight the preserves’ all-natural fruity goodness – not overpower it. Her “Rose to the Grindstone” nectarine and rosewater spread, for example, was developed when Gillian decided to try and capture fond memories of her trip to Turkey in a jar. Between the carefully selected local fruit varietals (this lady once tasted over 15 peaches to find the perfect pick for jamming) and the fair trade sugar and spices, Jamnation’s flavors can get pretty intense. Prepare to rethink the letters PB&J.