Jewelry can be two things: a statement-making accessory or a sentimental reminder of something (someone) special. But the best kind of jewelry has to be both of those things at the same time. And Shir has been making that statement about her accessories since the days of stackable friendship bracelets and beachcombing seashells into wearable keepsakes. Fast forward to the day she got married, Shir wanted to signify their bond with a piece that was so unique and original that literally no one else would have it. She made a mold of her husband’s and her own pinky prints (since pinky promises were kind of their thing) and created her first ever, very sentimental gold and silver rings to cherish forever. Now she’s able to imprint those kind of sentimental memories and statement keepsakes to all who buy from Jook & Noona. Even your dog’s paw print. Don’t laugh: Shir happens to do quite a lot of them.