It’s safe to say that the art of coffee is, well, a very serious art form. Aaron of Kickstand started his passionate mission of quality coffee when he was a burgeoning barista at NYC’s Gimme! Coffee. He took it upon himself to bring the best java to the streets and parks of New York Cty and Brooklyn. Sourcing the highest quality beans from the bestest roasters in the biz, Kickstand fine tunes their brewing methods to complement the beans they pick. Organic and Fairly-Traded only, of course. And more recently, using alkaline treated water to increase the quality of their cold brewed coffee and teas. Aaron & Co. don’t add any preservatives or additives to their concentrates; and even though it decreases the shelf life of their lovely bottles, it helps them stand by their mission to deliver the best flavor and quality of tea and coffee. And then of course, delivering those high quality, amazingly fresh tasting coffees and teas to your doorstep. And how do they know their artform has become a masterpiece? When customers tell them, “I never want to drink ‘regular’ coffee again!”