Yep. Chris and Robert are just a couple of your average bros who loved eating jerky. And also loved to cook. And also had a passion for starting a food business. (Okay, so maybe they aren’t your average bros at all.) Being that all that “average” jerky is made with feedlot beef soaked in chemicals for days, they saw an opportunity to reinvent. They used their kitchen skills and worldly appreciation for flavors and real ingredients, and set out to creating a greater kind of jerky using 100% (tastier, leaner, healthier, more sustainably-raised) grass-fed beef. They hand-trim the excess fat. They keep it all-natural all the way to the packaging and (technically) to your mouth. But more than their low sodium and low sugar, far superior quality jerky, they’re most proud of the sophisticated flavors inspired by global ingredients. Yeah. We were way off: These guys aren’t bros at all.