While Lamon Luther might sound like the alter-ego to a furniture-making superhero by the name of Brian Preston, turns out, no. It’s actually just Brian’s grandfather, Lamon Luther Wilson, who happened to be an all-American craftsman in his own right. It seemed pretty fitting to work under his inspiration. But that was all after being introduced to a homeless community near Brian’s home where he made friends with a homeless man named Mitch. Mitch informed him that the only way to get out of the woods was to have work... and something clicked. Brian had been building furniture as a project for his wife, then took it to to sell on CraigsList after demand from friends. Once he couldn’t keep up with the demand from CraigsList, he hired his friend Mitch to help him in the garage. They use sustainable materials--shipping pallets, an old piece of barnwood, and as demand continues to grow and grow, Brian continues to employ craftsmen transitioning out of homelessness. Pretty sure Brian’s grandfather/superhero has to be pretty proud of what he’s inspired with his name.