No longer merely the stuff of campfires, gourmet marshmallows are becoming a sweet, fluffy force to be reckoned with. Especially this particular spin on the gourmet, artisanal treat, which is handmade and hand-cut by Hannah herself. As for Kieran? He takes care of the design, which he describes as, "vintage-inspired minimalism." Together they've come up with a mighty fine rendition of the popular treat, with a fluffier, yet still dense, consistency. It's at a considerably larger size than the traditional 'marshies, too, which we consider a bonus. The devotees aren't complaining either – far from it, in fact – Hannah’s 92 year old grandmother, a notoriously finicky eater, can’t stop herself from eating 'em. And what should we expect, when the duo finds inspiration in flavors and tastes that aren't traditionally found in treats and combines 'em with real ingredients (think real tea, real vanilla, real chai)? It makes for a marshmallow that's, well, good. Really.