From a decade plus working in TV to a Creative Director at a non-profit to the creative direction of a fashion line. Okay, maybe not a fashion line… but when John found himself unemployed (non-profits, man, they can be tough) he found his artistic mind both creatively full and crazy. It was after a few conversations with friends that he realized his distaste for kids’ clothing. There was nothing out there he would want to buy for his own kid. So he focused his full artistic attention on creating baby attire that he himself would wear. You know, if he were a baby. “I try to create baby clothes that sort of look like adult-sized clothes,” John tells us. And coming up with adult-appropriate ideas for screenprinted designs can be the hardest part, but it’s also the most fun when a great idea comes along. If only these babies knew just how clever they look based on their MicroThreads get-up… but no doubt the wit rubs off on their young and growing minds. Somehow.