If you’ve ever flipped through old photos of your parents and thought, “Oh my gosh, you should have saved that dress/suit/Afro,” then you will appreciate the life of Ms. Miranda Bennett. Growing up in Southeast Asia, she was deeply affected by a stylehorse of a mother, who would have Armani-inspired suits made out of Batik fabric or sport elaborate silk saris. When she began creating her own line of clothing, perhaps inspired by her intrepid mom, she let bright, painterly fabrics take center stage. She's something of an expert in using the Shibori technique, which involves folding, stitching and clamping before dying, to create one-of-a-kind fabrics by hand. Her current line of scarves, made with natural dyes and fine fabrics, is totally satisfying to make: She can work solely with textile and design to create something seasonless that fits everyone—and hopefully makes them feel like they’re wearing something precious and incredible.