This couple’s shared passion for eco-friendly paper goods is personal in the truest sense of the word. Lori was just finishing a degree in fiber arts and Kevin was leaving a career as a commercial fisherman (both life-changing experiences, to be sure), when they decided to DIY their own wedding—invitations included. Three hundred individually formed sheets of paper were spread out over their 770 sq. ft. condo. The blender would never be the same, but the invitations became a keepsake for the guests and for themselves. On the honeymoon they realized that this was their chance to make a living together, combining a love for paper arts with a passion for stewardship of the earth. Some 17 years later and 1 million customers later, their unique textured paper still has a great tactile quality and luxurious, natural cotton feel—and their business still does everything imaginable to remain “low impact.” Any objections to this union? Didn’t think so.