Nancy and Walter (affectionately referred to as TDH—that’s Tall, Dark & Handsome to you) quit their ever-interesting careers in archeology to relocate to Vermont for THD to attend law school. Finding her “food-loving self” smack dab in the middle of a bountiful food culture where people believed in the local thing, Nancy began canning like her life depended on it in a tiny schoolhouse on a cozy half-acre. Midnight sessions were a regular thing. After a year of compulsive jamming in the land of craft beer, cheese and Subarus, she wondered why she couldn’t adapt a wine jelly recipe to work with the plethora of local brews. Sourcing from places like Harpoon, Long Trail and Otter Creek, she hit on a winning beer jelly recipe—and the rest is history. Phew, we are so glad there aren’t many archeology jobs in Vermont.