Any good cocktail enthusiast knows that the best concoctions and recipes stem from not only fine technique and ingredients, but top-notch stories as well. And Powell & Mahoney (Or please, call them Brian & Mark) collected just that after spending years in the beverage industry, becoming unsatisfied with the quality of mixers that existed, and setting out to sample recipes and techniques from the world’s most talented and knowledgeable bartenders in the industry. Forget the artificial flavoring and preservatives of typical mixers; Mark and Brian use only the finest juices, along with essential oils and pure cane sugar to authentically reproduce the flavors of the world’s most loved classic cocktails. Of course, they’ve added a few of their own twists too; along with familiar names like Bellini and Mojito, their Ballycastle Ginger Mixer is basically the perfect addition to a Dark & Stormy or a Moscow Mule or... hey, creating your own story from scratch in a glass.