Is she an artist? Or would you call her a meticulously organized beachcomber? Either way, Jennifer’s photographs make us think she might have found a visually lovely way to combine the both of ‘em. “Originally I thought of these as abstract beach portraits to articulate my curiosity about the things I found. When I started doing public shows, I realized for other people, my series' appeal was nostalgia of things they’d found on the beach, the connections they have with that world.” Her neatly organized lineups on white backgrounds may not seem earth-shattering, but what sets them apart is her intense focus on her hometown’s ecosystem and her flair for a style of balanced asymmetry. Which, as an artist, seems fitting… since it represents how, in nature, there’s a reason for everything... from the location of the high tide line to the seasonal changes in the things you find. Ah, yes, nature is quite the work of art, is it not?