While an obsession with interior design and a penchant to redecorate the house every six months usually A) infuriates one’s husband B) leaves you all kinds of broke, this charming Birmingham couple not only made it work, but also found a reason to start a shared passion and business together. Call it divine inspiration, but after years of sticking to a very modern minimalist scheme in their home, Ray and Karla decided to add some rustic elements to their home. What the didn’t realize was that their specific blend of modern and rustic was kind of hard to come by. At least, not the way they wanted it. And so, they set out together to create it, and, as a byproduct, Ray discovered a deep passion for carpentry and design that he never knew he had before. So basically what we’re gathering is that this love of redecorating gave birth to beautiful furniture, a growing business, and even a better marriage. Color us impressed.