Wabi Sabi: the Japanese concept that celebrates the beauty of imperfection, and also the way Sherry looks at the world. Sherry and her husband have always been enamored with everyday objects and so-called “salvage” that can be transformed -- they’ll ride their bikes and look for anything that speaks to them. Old maps, discarded compasses or fallen wood -- anything that they could stuff in their pockets and take home and make new. But vintage maps especially: “There’s something unique about the way maps can evoke powerful emotions. They so easily capture the memories of adventures and explorations; of brides and grooms in commitment ceremonies as well as couples that have adopted from a faraway place.” And so she works exclusively with these symbolic illustrations -- pairing them with sterling silver to make jewelry or chromed steel to make drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Because while old maps may not be perfect, they surely bring that beauty of Wabi Sabi full circle.