On the edge of Portland’s Pearl District, a 100-year-old brick building spoke to Steven Smith—it said “make tea here” And he answered with an incredibly elegant small-batch tea company. Smith came to his profession by many twists of fate. Back in the '70s, he opened Portland’s first natural food and herb store. But even progressive Portland wasn’t ready for that (yet). What remained of the wreckage were herbs and spices, which eventually turned into Mr. Smith’s first tea company, Stash Tea. Ready for a new adventure, Smith started a little brand you may have heard of called Tazo in 1994. After parting ways with those two tea-mpires, he retired to the South of France, where he influenced by his time spent in artisan bakeries, cheese and chocolate shops. Inspired by all this, he came back to Portland to "take another swing at tea" producing exquisite full leaf teas in tiny artisan batches. Once you taste his teas, we think you’ll be glad Mr. Smith is back in the tea business.