Fueled by long bike rides, lotsa coffee, and a downright passion for sustainable and reclaimed materials, Timothy and Steven are tricking out bikes with handmade wooden accessories that look even slicker than their conventional counterparts. Both fellas come from art/design backgrounds and, well, they really love bikes. Like, a lot. And so they always start out with unique materials – materials like a piece of the Coney Island Boardwalk or part of a ship building operation – and through a series of traditional, allegedly magical, techniques, turn them into bicycle fenders, crates and boxes. The duo loves exploring new techniques too, like when they stumbled across a bunch of cedar, and decided to delve into the traditional Japanese finishing method called yakisugi – a method which gives the wood a black appearance, and a highly water-resistant finish. Whatever the materials, whatever the techniques, Timothy and Steven are here to make your bike better, and help the earth out while they're at it.