The story of TGT (pronounced “tight”) goes a little something like this: Jack was living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, and his roommate was using a broccoli stem rubber band as a wallet—it was small, unassuming and fit nicely in the back pocket. Always the entrepreneur, wanted to craft a simple rubber band wallet himself. But, alas, he didn’t know how to sew. Enter: Jen, an awesome designer who teaches Jack how the ropes (in addition to being their first butt model). The simple, stretchy wallet he comes up with fits cards snugly inside, without any of the extra bulk. The only thing missing is a little leather pouch on the front for money—so a leather worker friend lets him scrounge around the floor in his studio to grab scraps and try it. TGT 2.0 is born. This minimalist, unassuming wallet has a lot to offer, says Jack. It is what James Bond might use on his night off.