When Kara made her first Bonnie bracelet, it was for her dear mom (yup, she’s also the namesake), who slipped it on even though it was what you might call a, um, prototype. It wasn’t until five years later that the Bonnie bracelet as we know it caught the eye of someone at a schmancy upscale store. Make no mistake, this is no scribbled art project that you tack on the fridge. These minimal bracelets are the kind you put on and just don’t want to take off (and you don’t have to—they’ll develop a deep golden hue and weathered patina overtime). They’re shape-shifters: When you slip on a cocktail dress, they’re a little glimmering and dressy; but they’re just as comfortable with a sweater and jeans. Yup, these are brass cuffs forged by hand… and heart.