Sometimes the slowest wins the race: slow food, cold-brewed coffee, taking a full three minutes to shake a cocktail. That stuff makes a difference. And so it is with the work of one John Vogl, who hand-draws each of his acutely detailed works by hand with pen and ink. “Doing everything by hand is inherently slow,” he says. “It allows time to deliberate and thoroughly consider the final product, but I have to make sure I still allow room for some spontaneity and exploration.” John taught himself the slow way, too: He did a lot of lithography when he was getting his BFA, but knew that it wasn’t a practical skill that he couldn’t take with him. So he learned screenprinting from the people’s university, the internets. And he checked out books from the library and asked some printers and makers he admired to take pity on him. And very, very good things came to that one who waited.