If there is one unexpected side effect of surrounding ourselves with high tech products everyday, it would be that of nostalgia. Toast has found a way to offer us the warm, familiar feel of wood that will age gracefully and cozy up our rather commonplace devices. Matias found himself gravitating toward natural materials as an industrial designer. He was drawn toward anything that showed some history. “I feel that glossy high tech stuff is rather cold and impersonal. It takes away from the value of the product.” And so he set out to create nostalgic, warm and natural touches (er, covers) with wood. “I’m fascinated with this contrast and wanted to utilize cutting-edge, flexible manufacturing with more natural materials.” So while his wood pieces are laser-cut, they’re also hand-finished. They’re amazingly accurate, yet beautiful, with durable finishes that only manifest with hand-crafting. Everything is made in-house. It’s still a very personal business. And in the scheme of a tech world filled with toys and gadgets (that last two years tops) this personal touch is quite perfect.