Andy grew up with a passion in mechanics and carpentry and Brandi’s had an eye for design ever since she can remember. After a few post-grad stints that didn’t quite fuel their passions (his working on North Dakota wind turbines and hers toiling away at her mother’s cabinetry studio), they realized what they really wanted to do was produce and sell their own original pieces. One night, mid-date night to be exact, while mulling over their professional conundrums and their mutual admiration for industrial furniture design, the idea for Vault was born. The design process starts with a scavenger hunt – literally. They’ll scour demolition sites and Craigslist posts to see what’s getting thrown out around Chicago and take whatever they can back to their South Loop workshop. In a day in age where most things are viewed as disposable, they’re creating pieces that will last for ages, out of materials that basically already have.