If ever there was a multi-hyphenate, it’s Adam: designer-artist-letterer-painter-illustrator-builder-installation maker-seamster-creator of beautiful things. So, yeah, he’s pretty creative. A graphic designer by profession, but craftsman at heart, Adam’s got a knack for both the grit and craft side of art, as well as the analytical pixel-pushing side of design. Lucky for us, the result is unique prints with a sense of adventure, original artwork, one-of-a-kind commissions, and the most arresting typography you’ve ever laid your eyes on. And he’s resourceful, too. In fact, most of his wood work is created from salvaged timber he found through spending hours digging through dumpsters all over Denver. However they begin, the end result is a synthesis of his skills—a little rustic, a little refined, a lot thoughtful and heartfull.