The best compliment Elizabeth gets about her punchy, nostalgic jewelry? “Probably when folks who aren’t ‘jewelry people’ think my stuff is awesome! Like, manly dudes cruising to buy their lady a little bauble at a craft show, stopping by my booth like, ‘Wow. I don’t usually get jewelry, but I really, really like all of this!’ That melts me.” It’s not just the manly dudes of craft shows who dig the creative stylings of With Care; what’s not to love about approachable jewelry that feels old-fashioned but still has a quirky sense of humor? After a few trips sorting through Rhode Island’s infamous deadstock, costume jewelry warehouses sparked Elizabeth’s interest in making jewelry and other small things with these tiny treasures. But it’s not just whimsical old pieces that make this line standout to men and ladies alike, it’s the personality to the pieces. That right there? That’s alllll Elizabeth.