Shelley Lowther, owner of Dancing Dogs Yoga in Atlanta, Savannah, and Tybee Island, is in the business of building community and empowering humans to live a life of possibility.

“I believe that yoga is spiritual, but I don’t necessarily believe you need to be a guru to share it...I believe that it’s a spiritual practice that doesn’t have to be dogmatic and it doesn’t have to be structured that way. Like, I think you can say ‘f**k’ in the middle of class and reach more people.”

Shelley runs three studios and has led over 20 yoga teacher certification programs, training several hundred instructors in total. Teacher training is very much about personal development, self-inquiry, and, according to Shelley, discovering "the authentic badass within." As a facilitator, Shelley is met with breakthroughs and breakdowns.

How does she stay within her self while giving so much to others? She stays inspired. She creates personal alone time. And she treats herself.

What does this mean? Connecting with some of her favorite things:

Holli the Lab: “Give me my dog, get me out on a hike, and I’m good!”

Nature & Travel: “I’m becoming obsessed with the desert. There’s something about the life that flourishes in such a dry, hot place that fascinates me. I’m heading to Sedona for a retreat with my favorite author, Don Miguel Ruiz, and plan to explore the Grand Canyon and all over while in the region.”

Rainbow Optx Sunglasses: “I’ve recently become obsessed with my set of Rainbow Optx sunglasses. I can swap them out depending on my mood. Recently, I’ve literally been looking at the world with rose colored glasses on.”

Orange: “My favorite color - it fuels my creativity and sense of personal empowerment.”

Lavender: “Calms me the F down and truly helps me relax when I’ve got a lot going on. I love to rub lavender oil on my feet and palms before bed.

Community is both Shelley’s inspiration and her goal - “Yoga is about community. It’s amplified when we do it together. Whether it’s meditation or asana, when you’re in a room full of people doing the same thing, it amplifies everything.”

Written By:
Patrick Joseph

Photo courtesy of:
Elie Dahdouh

Photo courtesy of:
Esme Benjamin

Photo courtesy of:
Victoria Privette